Wireless Network Deployment

How Does SkyComm Deploy Wireless Networks?

The quality of your wireless network can directly impact of the effectiveness and growth of your business. A secure and reliable connectivity will enable your users to access resources and work efficiently without interruption.

SkyComm will execute a high-quality solution for your business, regardless of your size, budget, reach and number of locations. We’ll provide a network that balances your data requirements and growth expectations. We can also assist with creating network usage policies and install monitoring systems to ensure the proper use of your resources. Our solutions will improve the ease of access to your business resources, while maximising the potential of your network’s capabilities.

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Network and Protocol Analysis, Wireless Network Monitor Services and More

  • Wireless Network Architecture and Deployment
  • Coverage Analysis and Remediation
  • Wireless Security Auditing and Hardening
  • Large-Scale Enterprise Wireless Mesh