Media & Advertising

SkyComm is the best IT Support to Media & Advertising Agencies

Businesses in the Media & Advertising industry need to be able to respond to trends and adapt quickly to changing markets to survive in this cut-throat world.  SkyComm can provide the IT technological solutions required to manage your agency, so you are best positioned for long-term success.

We will provide a secure cloud environment to handle your agency’s needs, with reliable access backup and recovery, so that you and your team are ready to work and collaborate anywhere you need to. Our practical and affordable solutions make the most of the latest technology and media standards.


Expert Support

We carefully plan your migration to our cloud environment to minimally affect your operations, which includes a thorough network analysis to ensure you have the proper connectivity to support a cloud environment.

Lower Capital Expenses

Our cloud-based server and desktop (VDI) offering reduces capital expenses on physical hardware and individual licensing and instead leverages the flexible, scalable power of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS).

Flexible Cloud Security Solutions

Managed anti-virus and firewall products ensure company-wide security in a unified, easy-to-manage portal. You won’t have to worry when Preemo protects your organization with cloud-based security solutions.

Why Choose SkyComm ?

  • Anywhere Access, with Any Device – Work on any device with an Internet connection, no limitations.
  • Rock-solid Security – Enterprise-grade security, encryption and real-time monitoring.
  • Fewer Servers – Eliminate costly expenses that never seem to end with in-house servers.
  • Higher Productivity – Don’t be stopped by power outages or other failures. Work anywhere, anytime.
  • Cost-effective Solutions – No upfront capital expense, a predictable monthly fee and all-inclusive packages.

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